The White ELEPHANT company is engaged in production and deliveries of the new equipment for production from polyethylene of PVD and HDPE ( LDPE, HDPE) , and also accessories from China. All equipment is certified and tested.

Our company can choose the most appropriate type of equipment based on the request for a certain type of product. Qualified specialists of the company can make the Assembly and start-up of the equipment.

Range of equipment:


paketearen machine;

flexographic machines;

devices for polyethylene folding;




spare parts and accessories for all equipment presented in the catalog. 


Recyclable material LDPE LLDPE HDPE

Film width (mm) 1200

Film thickness (mm) 0.01-0.10

Productivity kg / hour 70

Screw diameter (mm) Φ65

Number of winders 2 pcs

Pneumatic shafts
Screw L / D (Length to diameter ratio) 28: 1

Screw rotation speed 10-100 rpm

Main engine power (kW) 22

Diameter of the hole (mm) Ф150 / Ф200

Rotational shape of the die head 360 ° continuous rotation

Total power (kW) 26

Weight (T) 3.4 T

Dimensions LxWxH (m) 5.8 * 2.7 * 5.4

PRICE 24500 dollars

Delivery time 90 days